Friday, November 1, 2013


Somebody reached four months of baby growth at the beginning of the month.  Some people continue to tell me they think I'm having twins. And MANY people like to tell me how much bigger I look this time around.  True, not having the ability to exercise has set some tolls on me.  Time to try to integrate some of that back into my life, since I think I can make it through without throwing up!
So this pic does not do it justice how big I really look.  Still not the best at selfies (plus who wants the camera to really show how "big" you are ;-)
Irmo has a pretty small but nice farmer's market that Beach finally got to visit one Saturday.  It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours at the park and, of course, Beach saw many people he knew!
With my little twin models, too, we had a couple of people see them and ask about Beach (if he wasn't near by).  How's that for advertising?
Being outside, art, nature, family, you can't beat it.  We almost missed Unearthed this year, but I noticed the sign upon heading to church one morning. I'm not one for spontaneity (working on it!) but we did manage to squeeze in some time, pushing nap time back a bit.
We even came across a puppet show that the girls manage to sit through the entire time. Captivating.
Friends and princess, the best.  Zoe just can't wait until her hair grows long enough like her friend Maya.
When loss puts everything in perspective, nothing is more valuable than family time.
The girls were excited to come across a playground on our bike ride.

Daddy has some pretty good ideas sometimes!

As I've mentioned, I've done very little in the exercise department since becoming pregnant (prob. the least amount since middle school).  Those first few months really took it out of me!  But I'm happy to squeeze some in again.  I love how Zoe tries to do some yoga moves with me too!
They typically won't sit still for a stroller ride, so this was a nice day that I got a great walk in!  Pushing 60+lbs up our hilly neighborhood is no joke!  (Zoe was not impressed as you can tell and kept asking me why I was sweating and breathing funny.)
We were blessed to serve our coffee concentrate at a friend's event involving graphic design and the printing press.

 My man is a stud, always, but did shave that night after I told him how much I appreciated him with a different look (he was planning on keeping it and adding on "No shave November").
 They also had some other yummy goodies and it was a great night.
"Hey, I have a good idea!  Let's make popcorn and watch a MOVIE!!!!" Zoe exclaimed.  I wish I could recreate the excitement in her voice.  Which she has to anything that brings her the slightest joy.  It seems to come out of every pore and make her jump.
So even though we did not have any popcorn kernels, Beach was touched and made sure to go out soon to make her night.  Shiloh always enjoys a great snack!
One of the greatest anticipated events of this month was the birth of my sister, Danielle's, baby. She watches the girls, so I had no idea what we were going to do for her "maternity leave".  But honestly, I wasn't to stressed about it.  God has always worked things out in the past, and I know he would work this out as well.  Turns out my dad ended up retiring, from the job he has worked at for 34 years, and stepped in to help us during this time!  It would be a challenge for him, but one he has embraced with huge loving arms!
Danielle had gotten a little discouraged after having a good pregnancy and finding the babe was breached right before her due date.  She did all she could to try to turn her but it looks like God had other plans.  Lydia came out perfectly, though!
After Shiloh was born, I wasn't worried too much about Zoe with her, she has such a gentle soul.  Shiloh, though, can be intense. So I watched her closely for her introduction.  She did well, even giving her a gentle kiss before we left.  Another future BFF cousin in the making!
My sister, Lauren, came to town for the birth but got to squeeze a little time in with us, too.
We all love it and she is willing to do whatever they ask with them.
Soak up the smiles, when times and are hard.  And when crankiness comes, grab some neck sugar, which often turns to giggles!
Thank you, Lauren, for loving your nieces so much and bring them so much joy.
Thank you fall, for being a warm with much time to play!

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