Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's in a name?

Choosing a name has always been a big deal for Beach and me.  I feel Biblical there is so much significance in names that were given and I want to impart that heritage on my children as well.  Picking names for our daughters seemed impossible!  There are so many great boy names out there, but I do love the names that they ended up with.

We had picked out a boy name four years ago, in case our first was a boy.  On Beach's side of the family they also pass on family names, which I love.  Beach was named after his great grandfather.  Both the girls have middle names from grandparents.

Ezra (wow that was the first time I have typed/written that - its funny how doing things like that give you that funny feeling) was another of Beach's grandfather's names.  A name I love (z in names are fun) and the man that he was in the bible.  Read how the Good News website explains it:

Profiles of Faith: Ezra - Spiritually Restoring a People

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Ezra the priest was a faithful servant of God who helped fulfill God's promises to the remnant of Judah in Babylon in the 400s B.C. His calling was not self-appointed, nor could anyone on his own fulfill the kind of responsibilities to which he was called.

God recognized Ezra as a man of judgment (Ezra 7:25). He was conscientious (Ezra 9:3). His principles led him to resolutely oppose sin. He had a profound love of God's Word and devoted himself to studying it and faithfully teaching God's truth (Ezra 7:10).
Ezra found the spiritual strength he needed through prayer and fasting. He was willing to sacrifice his own needs—and encourage others to do the same—to extol and honor God.

Along the family lines, the first son is to have the mother's maiden name.  So in our case, Hughes.  Sounds manly right?
So the official name: Ezra Hughes Loveland.
We love you already (even if your sister, Zoe, insists that she wants to name you Sally).
On a side note, his first gift!  The day after finding out the results, a sweet member in our community group brought us a present.  Completely unexpected.  Funny how things like this assures my heart of how God will take care of us!

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  1. Stopping by to see your blog entry - love the name, love the significance... love, love, love. I know we don't know each other well, but i like your heart :-)