Friday, November 8, 2013


I hear it all the time, that stay at home moms do not get thanked enough.  While I'm not technically a stay at home mom (but in many ways would like to be), I can relate.  I have the privilege of only going into work three days a week, so that means lots of time at home, and keeping up with the children and house.

However, I must say, Zoe's little heart gets me at times.  She can be so expressive and thankful.  Like when she sees that I have washed one of her favorite shirts, with so much excitement she exclaims, "Oh, Thank You mommy!" and sometimes accompanies it with a dance.  Or after I vacuum her room. Or cut her an apple. Or at another time I'm not expecting.  It's not all the time, but when she is, it means a lot to know that she is so sincere.
Reading One Thousand Gifts has helped me with having more of that perspective (An amazing read that I recommend for everyone!).  I want to have the same excited appreciative heart.  The big things are easy, but the small things?  To be thankful for the many things that Beach does, that is just sort of expected because it is his role or because I need the help.  To be thankful for the days that there is not extra traffic.  For the workers I come across that are doing their work well. For being able to turn on my facet for clean water whenever I need it.  How much of that do I ever pause and say thanks for, much less do a celebration dance.  
I'm learning more about it, this attitude of gratitude, and want so desperately to pass it on to my children. When I'm thankful for what I have,  I tend not to dwell so much on what I don't.  Things are put in more of a proper perspective and my eyes are lifted to the ultimate giver of those gifts!

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