Friday, November 29, 2013

The Thanksgiving of 2013

Since we moved into our home that is a bit bigger to actually have guest over, Beach has wanted to do Thanksgiving at our house.  It's been nice and a bit different to be the hosts of our family and something that we both enjoy.  With the long afternoon naps of the girls, we decided to eat afterwards, which made for a nice slow morning (and day).  This was a blessing, as we typically don't take anything slow. 
Breakfast with my monkeys (yes, Zoe now likes to sit in a high chair, as she wants to be doing the same thing as Shiloh).
Lattes and the Macy's Day Parade (why does some of it how to be so inappropriate, sigh).
Making "jelly" with my helper, otherwise known as a fresh cranberry sauce, Zo's favorite.  She had to have many samples along the way!
Lauren came over a bit early and helped me finish the "thankful croissants".  This was a tradition that I started a couple of years ago.
Some of our thanks!
We all sure do love her!
Also, everyone who comes adds to the fun of our Thanksgiving tablecloth, signing their thanks each year.
And then the feast began.
The girls worked on a holiday craft afterwards.
 Zoe was really into it and so focused!
Shiloh enjoys hoodies, even inside, which she calls "hair bows".
And of course her baby cousin!
 Beach loves to make cheesecake.  This year it was with a coffee concentrate twist and oh my was it good!  The best yet!
Sisters are the best, much laughing involved, especially at with Lauren.  Check out her attempt for a double chin picture.  Poor skinny neck girl.
Ok, I guess we will just have to get a normal one.
Another year full of things to be thankful for!

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