Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A quarter of a year old!

We are definitely beyond the newborn stage.  This I have mixed feelings about, as it is such a reminder of how quickly things change. 
BUT I LOVE seeing Ezra's adorable smile, that he is so quick to show us.  Such a happy boy!
(I don't know if I like the color or b&w better)
Of course there is still a lot of nap and night time snuggles!
His biggest thing is that he is an expert at finding his thumb.  It's my sign that he is tired.  I have never had a thumb sucker but I am thankful that has found a way to self sooth!  (I may regret this later when/if this becomes too hard of a habit to break but trying just to roll with the punches right now.)
Ezra has found his voice and he sure can be vocal when he wants to be.  Hearing those cute baby sounds....melts me.
He often has his mouth open in a smiling way, as if he wants to breath in the joy.
Scariest moment of Ezra's life (for me) so far:  When my mom told me that while she was watching him one afternoon, he managed to get out of the swing (with the ledge still attached) while she was in the other room.  I was sure Zoe had done something for the longest....but she stuck to her story....and the next day when mom was watching him....she witnessed him almost doing it again!!!  So thankful he is alright and that we get him adjusted!
We finally busted out the bumbo....it's like I had forgotten that this amazing thing existed.  He is great now at sitting in it.
And makes a nice addition to our counter (don't worry, we keep our eyes on him!).  Knowing how good he is at wiggling out of things....I'm glad it has a seat belt!
He seems to be bulking up a lot more, gone are those skinny legs!  Although he will kick them like crazy when in the bouncy.
Oh how I love him!
PS = Ezra doesn't wear clothes at home (if you couldn't tell).  The combo of it being so warm and him in this massive drooly phase = Slip and Slide 

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