Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014 (because I can't think of any other cute name titles)

Another full month...
Have you been to the one in Lexington.....Yummmm!!  Look soon for Loveland Coffee concentrate on their drink menu as we met with the owners to work out some drinks for their new menu!!!  Amazing!
 The kids did well there...I always get nervous about public places and how things will go.  Getting three kids 4 and under to sit calmly is no small task.

We had several drink sample combos that were created...the top two are amazing!!!  You will want this!

We will look ridiculous for free food!  Well at least once a year.  And mainly because I think I have a couple of cute cows.
Although getting Zoe to dress up meant threats that she had to or else not go - and a timeout.  Lucky that usually changes her attitude.  She is just so particular about what she wears and this did not meet her standards.
Zoe loved getting to see the cow while Shiloh hid in the corner.
So thankful that my mom was able to go with us.  She is such a great sport and support!
 Our friend's Sharron's hair is amazing in many ways and Ez found another use....chew toy.
We were thankful to make it to her Thrifted Sisters party!
Love me some big eyed blondes!
Lake Murray is 2 minutes from our house...but without a boat we mainly just appreciate the view when driving over the dam. 
However, they do have a park there, that I had not been to in about 20 years.  Since Zoe keeps talking about the beach, we decided this would be a way we could get (somewhat) of a fix in.
Beach took off a couple hours in the mid morning, we brought a picnic and enjoyed some amazingly great July weather.  
 I just attempted to ignore the cigarette butts and fish smell; it was (almost) like we were at the real beach.  Of course the girls thought it was great and we didn't even have the long drive home!
  So thankful for the beauty that is so close!
Our last zoo night for the summer and Zoe wanted me to be sure to invite her aunt Lauren!  I love this picture.  It was right after Zoe whispered in my ear that I needed to tell Lauren how she invited Jesus into her life. She is so excited for others to know!  Happy tears!
Free rides are the best. Picture credit to the conductor who asked to take our picture for us (even though there was a long line waiting).  I was thankful that God gave me His eyes for a bit to see a hard working man that really enjoyed his job and how it brings joy to others (instead of the fact that he was so slow and we had to wait forever).  It makes me want to see even more things the way that He does (instead of my faulty critical fleshly spirit).
Their faces!
There is something magical about a child's gaze (along with some fear of the merry-go-round).
Ez is a drooling machine!
Lauren had her friend and friend's daughter come along with us.  She was so great with my kids and the girls LOVED having an older buddy!
Library puppet show....and Ez asking, "How LONG did you say this thing was going to be?"
 Another awesome swap night....this time I recruited a couple of friends to experience the awesomeness as well!  And I brought some new items....including Almond Milk!
 I can always count on my mom and sister having amazing goodies!  If you have no idea what a food swap is you can see my blog about it here and here.
 I, again, came how with a stash! Peach cobbler, two different types of raw energy bites, spaghetti sauce, two different types of amazing homemade soap, pizza sauce, heirloom tomatoes, pizza dough, pesto, oatmeal pancake mix, Ghee, peach butter, dry essential oil shampoo, and an awesome engraved cheese platter.  Bam!
Aaron has our only Summer SC birthday.
Ezra is working on getting caught up with his older cousin....soon enough babe!
So this gorgeous babe and I had a celebration....10 years at The Nurturing Center.
Big Sexy and I started around the same time and are still there just plugging through.  I'm thankful for her friendship and her passion.  
Hard to believe (and yet not) that it has been so long.
Lessons from Shiloh for the month.....when life turns you upside down - enjoy it.
Get dressed up (including potpots) and dance!

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