Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's Coffee time (the latest update)

It's been awhile since I did an update on how things are going in our Loveland Coffee world.  We seem to always have things going on and changing (even if it is behind the scenes).  
Beach is the chef in our house...he is amazing at coming up with things.  He had his hand at creating some new cold drinks at work as well to bring in the season.  Check out the Black Julep above: club soda, mint syrup and espresso.  
All the rage - Bulletproof Coffee Espresso: Organic Coconut Oil and Irish Butter from Grass Fed Cows. All Blended together for a Rich and Creamy Cappuccino Styled Drink.
"The Vanilla Dolce" Latte. A Blend of Raw Sugars Infused with Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Flavor notes include: Caramel, Banana and Aged Oak.
The Skywalker: 16oz Mexican Glass bottle Coke over ice, 2 Shots Espresso, Vanilla Syrup with a splash of Half & Half. 
Or maybe the "Loco Con Miel" is more your style: Local Organic Honey Infused with Habanero Pepper, Cinnamon and our Award winning Espresso with steamed milk. 
Beach has started the process of roasting all his own beans. To think all the coffee goodness starts with so many green beans.
This is an exciting new step in the business and one that he has been looking forward too! 
Of course he continues to perfect his latte art.
And enjoy the sunrises from the kiosk.
This year Loveland Coffee was a vendor in the Irmo Farmer's market.  Chris helped him set up their amazing display!
I'm pretty sure I would not know of such things existing without him.  A birthday treasure, 
AND then he found a retro one at a garage sale for a buck a week later!
The biggest new thing to hit Loveland Coffee: This 1966 Chevrolet Truck.
 A great source for advertising....along with some other fun things we have in mind that is yet to come!
Stay tuned!
Now I'm off to make myself an amazing Loveland Coffee drink (or maybe my personal birsta will hook a girl up)!

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