Friday, July 18, 2014

What's in this name?

4 years ago I didn't really know that this whole blogging world existed.  Then I had a baby and nursed, A TON.  That meant a lot of sitting....something that I was not used to doing.  One of my new friends had a blog and I was intrigued and enjoyed getting to know her better through it.  Then I found a few more and seemed to discover this new world.  
 While I had no intentions of gaining followers and writing for them, what did interest me was that I could document my life, in picture form, to share.  To share with my family states away, friends that I rarely get to see and mainly myself.  My long term memory is awful (as in I think there is something wrong with me).  While this means there are a lot of painful things I don't remember, it also saddens me that I feel I have lost many things that I would want to hold on too.  So this blog is a way for me to remember, the milestones, the everyday moments, the random thoughts I may have, the good along with the hard.  I want to be positive but I also want it to be real, and most of all glorifying to my Great God.  My goal is to create books for each of the children from the blog when they get older. My way of scrapbooking.
I originally named the blog after Zoe, as she was my only little at the time.  The word Zoe means life.  Christ speaks of how he came to bring "Zoe" abundant life.  That is my daughter.  It's also behind the name Zoe (Life) Love all over the Land. So, although, she is still a major part of my life, I shortened it to just Love all over the stand for all of us Lovelands now!
Looking forward to building on the memories to come!

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