Friday, July 4, 2014

The 4th Festivities

So I LOVE blueberries but they can be so expensive!
Last year I went blueberry picking for the first time and thought this should be a 4th of July tradition!  Unlimited goodness at your fingertips. 
My girls didn't so much pick the berries but did enjoy them quite a bit....until bellies got full.
We tried out a different place this year, Berry Hill Farm, and they give these great ropes you can use to tie the bucket around  you.  I loved it and so did Addy!
 Ezra was a good sport, like always. 
 I was so thankful to have helping hands! 
 Daddy worked a half day and he was greatly missed.
We had a amazing time and will be back next year!
After recouping naps for us all....we headed out to our friends pond with our community group and other friends!
I didn't bring bathing suits, as I was not feeling like getting in the water and had somewhat of a stinky attitude beforehand.  
However, this greatly upset Zoe while we were there and she kept whining and complaining....until she asked to borrow a suit and then had the time of her life!  
I was so thankful for Jeanette being so great with the kids and helping them all jump in!
We really did have a good time.  Thankful so much for family, friends and for Freedom!

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