Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wedding workings and a blast from the past

It's funny how things that you never think about, people that you never seem to get to talk to anymore, it's funny how when you able to get together with them, how it brings up emotions.  This was the unexpected case when working an out of town wedding with the Beach man.  There were several people there from our past church, most who do not go there anymore and many who live in different cities now.  It was the church that Beach and I met in as youth.  A church that we both found ourselves on staff with for different points in our lives, that I worked with the youth there for eight years, that I spent so much time in and where we were married.  There was a big chunk of our lives.
 So seeing these people together brought back a flood of love and joy that I was not expecting.  Even though I was busy throughout the night and only had time to run to snap this picture and to hug a few necks, I was reminded of the love that I knew and the body of Christ that I'm so thankful to have been a part of! 
I was, also, thankful to get to work aside my best friend!  And for some quiet moments before the reception to pray over the special bride and groom that we got to spend a wonderful evening serving!

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