Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Word

If you had to chose a word....just one, to set a tone for the year, a hope, a wish, a breath of expectation...I have tossed them around in the past, but this year, I'm claiming it.  

2015Word: FREEDOM!  

Under the pressure and stress of the past year, it is something that I have craved so much but thought it impossible.  However, I feel it....this weight being lifted.  I want to live in my identity, that of being free in Christ. 

I want to feel free to play, hold them longer and just be with my children without feeling like I really have to get up and get the next thing ready, as there will not be time later.  
I want to feel free to linger in the Word and books to help my soul grow.  EACH DAY.  
I want to feel that I can spend time in creation, especially with my creator.  
I want to be free to visit my daughter at school, to eat lunch with her, to encourage her teacher, to help out in ways if possible.  
I want to be free to have I can lend a helping hand to someone that needs it.  
I want want to be free to use my creativity, something that I feel is rarely used but struggling to get out.  
I want to free my husband up from all the stress of work and his responsibilities, supporting him with my strengths so that he can flourish in his. 
I want my free time so that I can learn more about true nutrition and figure out a plan in how to implement it in my home.  
I want to be free to teach others about the gifts of the earth in essential oils, as it has been such a blessing in our own home.  
I want to be free to be more me, to find her again.  

Yes, this is true....but mostly in all these things I want to be free to let His light shine in all these areas.  Bring on the FREEDOM!

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