Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beach good-bye full of tomatoes, coffee and Spanish moss (part 7)

It was so sad to see our beach week end!!!  We spent quite awhile getting things cleaned up and packed to get out of there.  However, in not wanting the fun to end, we hit up a few places on the way home!
The first couple of stops weren't to far away.  Since we have never gone tomato picking we decided to jump on it and experience some fun!
The fields were not quite ready for immediate consumption, which the kids just did not understand (compared to all their strawberry picking experiences).
So it didn't take them to long before they were ready to move on.
We managed to fill a bucket between all of us (really all that we needed).
And DID find one that was ripe enough to eat, which we each took turns trying a bite, looks like it is my turn!
Just up the road was an adorable new coffee shop.  The sign out front said it was opening soon and each time we drove by that week we hoped it would be opening while we were there.  A call from my sister, who was in front of us on the road, stated that were open for tastings that day!
The kids had a seat at the bar and waited on drinks all around.  Beach got some time to talk to the friendly owner.
The coffee was great and the kids enjoyed their homemade sodas....beyond thrilled!

Ezra got his black, decaf iced coffee to go!  It's 2-year-old and mommy approved!
Our last stop was the picturesque welcome center for a picnic lunch.
Little man gave me some challenges but I just attempted to enjoy the scenery while we worked through it.
Shiloh got to snag some of the last bit of her brother's coffee.
Here is to wishing for such an awesome family vacation again!
Long long naps followed in the car...much needed.  This was a great way to end an amazing week, as we gear up to handle what is ahead and unpacking in our AC broken home (seriously it was over 100 - no joke).  I am beyond thankful for all the memories this week held!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad for hosting one of the best vacas ever!

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