Saturday, June 4, 2016

Take me away! (Beach part 1)

It is finally here!!!  Our huge family beach vacation.  This was one anticipated trip.  We planned out carefully the location and were beyond excited that Beach had a WHOLE week away from work to be all ours.  It took a ton of prep in the front end but totally worth it!  The kids were beyond excited, as it was talked up for quite some time.
On the way down the house we were staying at in Beaufort we stopped at the Old Sheldon Church Ruins, which were as beautiful in person as pictures had captured. 
On a side note, any of the super amazing looking pictures were taken by my brother-in-law, Aaron.
My iPhone pictures were still able to capture some cuteness too!
I must say it was a little hard explaining what had happened at the sight to my inquisitive little girls who had way more questions than I had answers.
Ezra continues to love selfies....especially if I make silly faces.
They had a working pump, which daddy demonstrated how it would retrieve water.
Of course the girls wanted their own shot of pumping the water.
After a little further driving, we finally made it to the house.  We had originally planned on taking turns making dinner.  The first night was supposed to be my parents BUT my mother had gotten sick and had to postpone their entry for a day (insert huge sad face).  Although, highly disappointing, we were thankful that we knew she would be quick to recover and not contagious.  Danielle stepped in and made her spaghetti for us that night, as they were the first to arrive.
One of the most excited things about the house was that it included a golf cart, what an awesome fun blessing!
The back porch marsh views were amazing!
Reminder....awesome picture = Aaron's handiwork. 
The cousins were happy to be together and walk to the nearest beach to check it out.
That first night it was a bit confusing as there was no beach.....just stairs leading to water.  We realized we would need to check the tide schedule and maybe find another entry beach location for the following day.
Even "soon to be" Uncle William was able to come for the week.  We all checked out the loving horseshoe crabs swimming in the water.
Beach adventure we couldn't be more happy that your finally here and were coming at you tomorrow! 

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