Friday, June 10, 2016

Family Pictures and savored moments (beach part 6)

Our last full day of this fabulous vacation and we had to attempt some family pictures!
This was no easy task, so we decided to do it first thing, thinking the kids would be at their freshest, and we would get it out of the way when the sun was decent.
We attempted some running pictures, as they were not standing still well.
We explained how it was going to go and even demonstrated.
However, when our demonstration did not involve a high five at the end (as previously discussed), it brought the oldest to tears (and no running - not the look we were going for).  The rule following runs so strong with this one that it even surprises me!
I, also, brought chocolate chips to use as a bribe, I mean encouraging treat, especially for the 2-year-olds that understand little else. However, in some ways it just caused more stressed.
Aaron did an amazing job in getting a decent picture, as this was a beyond challenging assignment!
My awesome crew!
The beautiful Russells!
These girls are pros at getting awesome pictures taken!
Our grandparent pictures seemed to be even more challenging.
The fun filled week and empty bellies were a bit much for the littles, as it left for a bit of grumpiness but glad to have it captured none the less!
The smiles returned after they were fed and we headed for one last dip in the pool.
Also so very thankful for this kiddie pool, as the diaper wearing one was kicked out of the big pool, which he didn't mind to much...
That is as long as he had his toy and his momma!

Then at nap time I went to my favorite spot of the beach.  We tented it for a bit to protect from the sun.
However, once it got a little later I really wanted mom to see the magic of this beach at low tide, as I had never seen anything like it.  She convinced me to allow the boys to handle dinner and rest a bit.
Mom was fascinated with the hermit crabs and brought some back for the littles to see...
Cook the guys did with a seafood feast of stuffed crabs and shrimp and grits!
It was hard to keep the little fingers away!
Although our hearts and bellies were full I really wanted my parents to experience the joy that the kayaks can we loaded up for them to have a sunset paddle.
The Russells had scouted out a great dropping spot and Aaron stayed back with them and captured some amazing shots!
The rest of us headed to a short walk near by to watch the sun disappear.
We often have to stop along the way if there is anything exciting in the air.
The end of the dock was a great spot to pause...
However, there was an extra amount of craziness in the air.
On the way back the sky was so awesome we had to pause for some selfies.  Ezra loves silly faces when doing so...anything to make him laugh!
Then we enjoyed some quiet moments as we waited for my parents to dock and Aaron graciously took out the kids individually for a ride while others read books at dusk.
Loved our time beyond anything I have imagined.  Thank you Jesus for such another special day!

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