Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Exploring Beaufort (beach part 3)

So thankful after our fun arrival, then a day at the beach and rain day, we decided to seek our some other local attractions in the downtown area of Beaufort!
They have a fun little park right on the water...
with swings to be pushed...
walls to balance on...
green spaces to run (reminder that I borrowed some of my brother-in-law, Aaron's great pictures)...
and a playground with fun double swings!
All that can make you pretty thirsty!
While the kids enjoyed more of the playground the big girls explored around a bit of the city.
They joked around posing like this with bent knees (sorry to make fun of you if you truly do this).
And then got startled when honked and yelled at by a passing car.  Apparently this pose really does attack attention.
Some of the not to miserably tired of us decided to spring for a city carriage ride. 

It is truly a beautiful city!
The kids did surprisingly well on our journey...despite one not wanting to take a picture with us at the end.
The ride included a little treat at the chocolate store so we had to make a quick stop before we headed back to the house.
After more naps and refueling, we hit the pool.
Thankfully they had a kitty pool, too, which was especially good for one little fella!
Our kids have not had a ton of pool experience, so this was a special treat!
While at the house, we had discovered that they had an ice-cream maker....and Beach loves to make ice-cream.....so make he did!
Nothing like some homemade ice-cream to a beautiful sunset on the back porch!
Kissing photo bomb!
And I captured the pro, Aaron, getting some of his awesome pics....
Sunset snuggles!  God always puts on a great show!
Later when the littles were sleeping....we played game.  Only one picture, but my dad sure does get into being silly and impressions!
That night proved to be very clear.  So Aaron, stayed up late to capture these amazing photos...I just had to include them as the cap to another special day!

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  1. Nice job Jessica! I love your record keeping technique :D