Friday, June 3, 2016

Zoe's Kindergarten Art

What to do with your kids' artwork?  I truly love all the pieces they bring home and want to keep them all but my growing minimalist heart is way to overwhelmed with that idea.  Soooo I decided to include them here so that I would always have a way to go back and look at them through the years!
Kindergarten has to be the most fun and the crafts/arts are no exception.  My little Zoe's first day of school.
"My name is Zoe and I like movies"
My favorite activity is:  dance
I want to learn more about:  books
I am special because: Jesus loves me.  (Yes you are!)
Pout-Pout fish
"My family"
Pete the Cat's Wife
"I am thankful for God.  I am thankful for Dad Mom."
"I am a rainbow turkey."
At night my Snowman is in the castle.
Penguins eat shrimp.
The Bee family
Zoe's goal setter project.  "I work at Loveland Coffee but daddy knows the most."  "My favorite colors: Pink, Gold, Purple, Silver."
Happy Mother's Day.  Thank you for taking care of me.
"My favorite part was the breakfast because it is a special treat and because I like the snack.
Life cycle of a caterpillar.
Towards the second half of kindergarten she began making books.  One of her favorite: Frozen
Elsa and Aana are playing in the snow.
Elsa got hurt.  They took them to the trolls.
The trolls said it was you.
Zoe's Narrator sign for her class play.
Zoe's first research project and her chosen topic: Princesses.  They are supposed to pretty much do everything on their own.  Princess Kate is the Princess of England.  Pocahontas was a Native American.  She became a Christian.  She help saved the English sailors.  Cinderella is the oldest and famous. 400 years old.  Jasmine rides on a magic carpet ride with her prince.
My family book
This is my mommy.  Her name is Jessica.
This is my Daddy.  His name is Beach.
This is my sister.  Her name is Shiloh.  This is my brother.  His name is Ezra.
 My Mom takes me to dates.
(When I fall down she helps me up.)
 The American Flag
The American Flag has 50 stars. 
The American flag has read and blue stripes. 
I salute the American flag. 
What Animals Eat. 
Horses eat apples.  I do too.
Cats eat corn.
Bunnies eat carrots
Small Group by Zoe L. 
I saw chickens.  I got an egg.
We dress up like Pocahontas and Belle.
Penguins hide their eggs.
Penguins eat fish.  
 I went to the new part of the zoo.  I went in the tree house and the little houses.
I saw Zebras.  I took a picture.  I was with Zoe P. and Mommy. 
I saw the giraffes.  I feded them.
 Self-portrait from Aug. '15 and May '16

We received her artwork in this adorably decorated pizza box!
I went to the Dunkin Donuts with mom.  It was yummy.
My favorite part of Kindergarten was the zoo because there is zoo animals.
My (Jessica) favorite part about kindergarten was having an amazing daughter to experience it through!  I will treasure these little memories and pieces of our lives at this time!

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