Thursday, June 9, 2016

Huntington Island (beach part 5)

The next day of our beach week was full of exploring more of the local area...
We had to check out Huntington Island, which was on the island right next to us.
Danielle and fam had been there many times and raved about it.  So we had a quick stop at the visitors station and then we were off...
The next stop was the lighthouse, that has been there forever!
Aaron captured a ton of great pictures, that I again included in the blog to relay the beauty this place held.
We wanted to climb to the top to check out the views.
In that there was a small fee and countless steps, we decided to only allow the oldest little to attempt the climb, which she loved of course!
There were fun little windows to peak out along the way!
And beautiful views that were well worth it.
We could even spot our little island next door where we had gone exploring.
Then we took on a nature path....
This was a poor decision, due to the hot weather, misquotes biting my allergic body and kids that did not want to walk the whole way.
We did finally make it to a bridge, where Shiloh enjoyed talking to a fisherman.
Log sitting break!
Then we had to turn around and go back...
Ezra found a hat in his beloved Poppy's arms.
Next we stopped to check out the peer, saw a baby shark being caught, visited the small animal area and had our picnic lunch.
Lastly some of us wanted to check out the driftwood beach that was there.
We were not prepared for getting wet....but the kids didn't mind.
We took off Ezra's shorts as they were quickly soaked.
Poppy was such a good sport to get wet right along with them!
The driftwood section was pretty amazing.
Although they prodict that it will just continue to grow and the island will sadly eventually disappear.
Always a teacher, Mom, was showing Shiloh how to write her name in the sand.
And rescued/helped my boy from climbing too high in tress.
Then that night it was date night!!!  Beach and I check outed some of the additional things to see around the area!
This lookout tower made for a nice breezy view.
Many of the spots we explored were small little adventures that were a bit of a challenge to find.
We checked out a swap that had some amazing sights.
And an old fort that was fun to explore...
as well as some church ruins on the way to our next stop.
We finally made it to our dinner destination.  A place I found online with a great coupon that was right on the water where we could enjoy the sun setting.
After we ate we walked along the docks.
What a sunset it was, too!  So amazing and these pictures were without filters!
It was such a precious gift from our Father!
We also had fun attempting to chase down this crane for some pictures.
He would always fly away but then come back.
What a blast of a day and such a gift to our souls!

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